Strategic Plan

To help foster growth for our business community members, we aim to provide:

  1. Structured Events to drive awareness and direct sales of products and services offered by our members.
  2. Virtual opportunities of direct sales
  3. Advertising and marketing efforts for our constituents
  4. Networking opportunities for B to B and B to C sales

To promote the improvement of our business community, we aim to provide:

  1. Workshop platforms to reveal best practice techniques
  2. Exposure to professional, cost-effective assistance in the areas of:
    1. Legal matters
    2. Marketing efforts
    3. Sales technique
    4. Operational integrity
    5. Ethics
    6. Customer experience delivery

To guide our residential community to an increased quality of life, we aim to provide:

  1. Assistance in job creation
  2. Support in educational development in our area schools
  3. Opportunity for internships
  4. A forum for ideas and opinions of residents to gather
  5. A centralized medium to deliver the opinions to political and policy creators at the state, county, and local levels
  6. Attention to methods to help protect and maintain the property values in the area from depreciation
  7. Community events for families to come together and share the Riverview-Fishhawk experience
  8. Access to a variety of family assistance programs


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