Members encouraged to take an active role in shaping the future of our region

Hillsborough County Commissioner Al Higginbotham and Courtney Burgess, a representative from Congressman Thomas Rooney’s office; were guest speakers at the Valrico Fishhawk Chamber of Commerce’s Community Insight meeting, held at the CAMPO YMCA last week.

As the head guest speaker Higginbotham was able to discuss in great detail factors influencing the voting behaviors of the commissioners in relation to the new Bass Pro shop- a discussion very close to the minds of the small business owners of the Chamber. As resonated by others, Higginbotham expressed his concern about incenting the large privately held company. “When you opened your small business, did you get special considerations?”, asked Higginbotham to the group. Other topics like road widening efforts and other proposed economic development issues targeted for the Lithia area we also covered.

Courtney Burgess was also able to discuss how Chamber members were encouraged to utilize the relationship they have as community leaders in this new Chamber with Congressman Rooney (who has committed to be part of the Chamber as an active member). “We are delighted to have such wonderful support from our representatives, Commissioner Higginbotham and Congressman Rooney. As a Chamber, we have made a commitment to push the needle for our small businesses and protect the community in which we have invested. It’s a great feeling knowing that we can call on our representatives and they think enough of us to come out and address us directly.”, said Michael Holmes, president of the Valrico Fishhawk Chamber.