Membership/Welcoming Committee

This committee’s goal is to shape the on-boarding process for our new members. While there is a drive for new membership with this committee, quality membership is the number one goal. Communicating expectations from new members to both the Executive Team and the Board of Directors, and delivering on the message that the VF Chamber is the number one investment a business can make for itself is important to this committee.  To join this committee, please contact

Events Committee

The VF Chamber intends to hold quarterly events aimed at driving awareness and foot-traffic to our constituents. This committee’s goal is to coordinate these events in a cost-effective matter that hones in on creating a buzz and consumer sales. Added to this committee’s goals are community events. These events are meant to add to the residential experience of those in the Valrico and Fishhawk communities, by providing exciting, family-oriented activities. To join this committee, please contact