Special Events Bridget Wilson

Marie Gilmore

Leads the 14th Annual Back to School Event and Shop Local Holiday Expo for Fall 2017.
Budget Treasury Jeannette Barone Oversees the Chambers budget, financing and invoicing.
Education and Scholarships Michael Holms and Becky McDaniels Michael Leads the VFCC Educational Seminars. Becky Leads the VFCC Scholarships.
Communications Jennifer Montgomery Leads the VFCC communications that include weekly emails and social media.
Ambassadors Melissa Haskins Leads the Ambassador Team. VFCC Ambassadors promote the chamber to community businesses and help in introducing new members to the chamber.
Membership Barry Carroll Leads the efforts that continue to enhance membership and retention.
General Assembly/After Hours Meetings



Karen Ayers/ Scott Lavaino/Jennifer Montgomery Karen Leads in the General Assembly Meetings for the VFCC.

Scott Leads in the After Hours meeting for the VFCC.

Ribbon Cutting Jeanne Baldi Lead for scheduling Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for new members.
Awards/Recognition/New Member Orientation



Paul Haskins

New Member Orientation- Bonnie Tekampe & Bridget  Wilson

Leads the programs that ensures deserving VFCC members are recognized. Along with Meeting  new members at monthly General Assembly meetings to explain the benefits of being a VFCC member

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